Virtual & Live Entertainers

Strolling Magicians

These talented sleight of hand magicians are perfect for your cocktail parties or special event. They interact and astound your guests with their magical skills, whether they are performing card tricks, or stealing your watch right off your wrist they are sure to amaze. Our Magicians are some of the best in Toronto and are sure to amaze.  Our Magicians stroll around your event performing their magic right under your guests nose.
Call for details.

Watch a sample of one of our top acts

Platform Magical Shows

Our platform Magicians perform their magic in front of the room or on a small platform or stage.  This is the perfect type of magic show when you want to amaze all your guests at once.  This is a terrific feature for an after dinner show.  This is a very interactive a comedy filled magical act.

Watch him amaze!

Mentalist – Haim Goldenberg

Haim Goldenberg is one of the world’s most respected mentalist, a Canadian TV star with his own TV show and live entertainer.  If you are looking for the next level of a mentalism act, Haim is perfect.  He has travelled the world performing his mentalism show.  He is a true mind reader.


Watch them fool Penn & Teller
Watch one of their AGT Spots

The Sentimentalist – Mind Readers

World renown mentalist Mysterion teams with female mentalist Steffi Kay creating a two-person mind reading duo The  Sentimentalists that is truly breathtaking. They have been featured on NBC “America’s got Talent” tv show as well as the only mentalist duo who fooled Penn and Teller on their show “Fool Us”.



The Sentimentalists have appeared on stages around the globe and with hundreds of television and media appearances. Together they showcase their special way of mind reading, with a touch of humour and most importantly class. This Toronto based mentalist act is perfect for all types of shows.




For a larger audience, Our Toronto Magicians can perform their Las Vegas style Illusion show which will amaze your guests.  With unique magical illusions, our award winning Illusionists are sure to please.

Watch a sample from one of our many illusionists


We have some of the best impersonators to choose from. Give us a call so we can book one for your event.

Look a Likes

Our look a likes are perfect for either a stage shows, or just to stroll around, and be interactive with your guest. Call for a complete list of our performers.


If you want your guests to be the centre of attention, this act will keep your guest talking about it for months

Air Brusher

Leave a customized mark on your guest with our custom Air Brushed tatoo

Stilt Walkers

You won’t miss these guys. If you want entertainers that can’t be missed have our stilt walkers at your event. They are a real crowd please engaging your guests and enhancing your event.

Stilt Walker

Watch one of our many top Jugglers


Looking for an act that plays large. Try one of our Jugglers, we will get you the Juggler that will work best for your event, whether their doing a stage show or just strolling around your party, they are sure to please.

High end balloon artists

This charming & talented one-of-a-kind artist takes an everyday balloon and turns it into something amazing – detailed faces, full-bodied characters and musical instruments he can play! Tailored to kids, family or strictly adult audiences. Astounding giant balloon sculptures and décor also available.

Basic Balloon Artist

If your event if for the young ones, we have performers or clowns who make the basic balloons, that the kids love


These talented artists will draw you as THEY see you. Its a perfect giveaway, and it only takes about 5 minutes per person.

Watch a sample of him in action

Digital Caricaturists

Live Digital Caricature is a great branding/marketing tool for companies at trade shows, conventions, product launches and other events.

Psychics/Tarot Card Reader

See what you future has in store for you, we offer many different types of readings, such as; tarot cards, crystal ball readers, hand writing analysis, palm readers, and many more.

Hand Writing Analysis

Our Artists can do individual one-page Handwriting Profiles for all or part of your group as the most perfect and personal take-home gift. Alternatively they can arrive early to do individual analyses before and after the event—people love to share what the ‘paper mirror’ their writing is with everyone—the perfect ice-breaker


They are the strong silent types.

Human Statue

These performers paint their bodies and stand still for hours at a time, subtlety interacting with your guests.

Watch his promo
Enjoy a sample of one of our artists

Fire Artist

Don’t wear hair spray when theses guy are performing, whether they are juggling torches, blowing fire, or just playing with fire, this will attract attention every time.

Yo-Yo Expert

Be a kid at Heart Again

Clowns and Face Painters

Our interactive Clowns will add to the fun with their Balloon Making, and Face painting skills.

Kids Musical Acts

We have musicians who cater to the kids with their interactive kids songs.

Kids Magic Show

We have magicians who specialize in kids shows. Having a birthday party or a company kids event ? Let us amaze all the kids with our talented kids magicans.

Human Beat Box

Internationally renowned as a master of sound and ceremony, Scott Jackson is a beatboxer birthed by hip hop but who stretches the art form’s appeal at every turn. Arguably Canada’s best, he’s represented his country at international competitions like Scribble Jam and the World Beatbox Champions. He often performs with Q-Mack the basketball trickster.

Watch his promo

Q-Mack / Basketball Trickster

NBA ALL-STAR ENTERTAINER Q-MACK: -published author hired by over 3000 schools to motivate their students since 2001… performs amazing live basketball tricks, Juggles and crazy balancing acts for the NBA, Nike, BMO, and Q-Mack has worked closely with NBA MVP’s LeBron James and Steph Curry, and Shaquille O’Neal and he often performs with the Human Beat Box

Reptile Show

Our reptile show will come to your venue with an assortment of scaly and fantastic creatures, prepared to interact with your guests- wowing, entertaining, and educating them all at the same time. Your attendees will be able to touch and interact with the reptiles, take pictures, and talk to the handler, who will cheerfully answer their questions. Some of our reptile are, snakes, turtles, lizards and many more.

Bird Show

Our bird of prey show introduces and educated your guest in an interactive unique experience.

Click here to watch a sample

Kids Science Show

Our instructors will entertain, as well as teach the kids how do experiments.

Bubble Artist

Our Bubble artist act can be tailored for any size event. From Casinos and large stages to your backyard, our bubble artists are always a huge hit

Watch a sample from our kids performers

Flair Bartenders

Our professional bartenders will come to your event and not only make your cocktails, but amaze everyone while doing it.

Vegas Girls

Enhance your theme; we have many different styles of costumes to choose from such as our Vegas girls.

Strolling Tables

Add a unique twist to your event, and have your tables animated with our hostess. This is a perfect way to display and hand out champagne, candy, snacks and much more.


Our dance shows typically includes a 4-6minute choreographed show
followed by 15-20 minutes of audience interaction .
Please enquire for pricing on customized shows.
We have Brazil/Samba, French Can Can, Gatsby/1920’s, Country, Rockettes/Kickline, Classical Ballet, Hip Hop,Tap,Belly Dancing, Bollywood and lots more

Bands / Trio

We have the smooth sounds, with our jazz trio, to our full big band orchestra. Let us know what type of music you would like and we can provide you with the appropriate band.


Our talented keyboardist is perfect to enhance your event, either background music or a featured act.

DJ – Packages

(call to discuss)

Below is a sample of one of our packages
One Interactive DJ/Entertainer to lead the party with Announcements, Games & hours of seamless music mixes.
Inclusive of 5:00pm to 1am
Including Cocktail, Dinner & Dancing music in one location
Professional Digital sound system featuring an over 25,000 song library
An all request format
Audio for up to 200 guests
(2) Semi-Intelligent Lights for dance floor effect
Continuous fun and energy!

One Man Band

Truly unique musical one man band show is of the highest professional calibre, loaded with good fun, good songs and plenty of laughs.

Watch him in action
Watch him in action

Bucket Drummer

After six years on Broadway this phenomenal talent toured with artists like the Neville Brothers and Kanye West. Currently he is one of the most requested acts within the NBA, NCAA arenas and many international festivals in North America

Sofie Dossi

This incredible young, athletic and charming Southern California girl is one of the coolest and newest variety acts to hit the North American sporting scene, Sofie Dossi brings her signature style combining contortion, hand balancing and aerial arts.

Watch a sample of what she can do
Watch him in action

Digital Poi

Promote your business or brand in an interactive and unique way. Our artist swing the digital poi’s to showcase whatever logo, or design you want to see.

Russian Bar Trio

In the last ten years, The Russian Bar Trio have become one the most popular variety shows within the North American sporting scene; this amazing trio combines their aerial skills with great acrobatics and a little bit of soul and funk; Marco, Yves and Christine have performed their incredible act in over twenty different countries.

They made their television debut by competing on NBC “America’s Got Talent Season 3” and “France Got Talent” where they advance to semi-finals of both show leaving an unforgettable image that stock in the minds of the judges and the audiences performing a series of mid-air back flips and breath taking stunts.

Watch a sample of what she can do

Hula Wheel

This unbelievable ground act demonstrates sheer strength and agility! Watch our performer spin around your dance floor furiously inside the led spinning wheel.

Aerial Acts

Our Aerial acts add that extra touch of class to any event.  We offer many different performances to choose from.

Watch a sample of what she can do

Hand Balancing Act

Let our dynamic hand balancing artists flip, twist and balance in the most incredible of ways! Our performers merge the beauty of dance with the excitement of acrobatics! A fabulous floor spectacle for every event!

Human Flags – As seen on America’s got Talent

They are by far one the most experienced performers in the roster, worked all-over the world and have performed in some of the most prestigious stages from Monte Carlo, Thailand, Paris, Japan, they done it all. They been on both France and America’s Got Talent TV Shows and of course have performed at several basketball and hockey halftime shows. Currently they can feature 5 different acts:

Watch a sample of one of our acts

Sand Animation

Extreme artistic skill and dexterity is displayed as a story is told by quickly shaping loose sand using only his hands on top of a lightboard. Using his fingers he can create compelling imagery reminiscent of classical charcoal and pencil artworks.

Watch a sample of one of our acts

Champagne Cup

Let our contortionist amaze and dazzle you with her elegant performance.

Watch a sample of one of our acts


We have some of the best comedians in the world. Let us know what type of party you are having, so we can suggest the perfect comedian for you specific event.

Enjoy a preview of Comedian Tom Cotter

Pool Sharks

These pool Sharks will teach and entertain your guest

Give us a call to discuss.